Our nation is recognize by 
the following Organisation:



Our nation recognize 
the following Countries:

中華人民共和國   People's Republic of China

歐洲聯盟            European Union

澳國                  Australia

紐國                  New Zealand

賁王國               Kingdom of Talossa

維士蘭王國         Kingdom of Vikesland

摩洛西亞共和國   Republic of Molossia

印東斯人共和國   Republic of Indontian

破壞之國            State of Sabotage

亞特蘭大共和國   Republic of Atlantis

亞比昂王國          Kingdom of Albion






Ministry of Foreign Affair of UTSH

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最新宣示 Latest Announcement

永恆九年 2月21號下午10時34分  10:34pm 21st February Forever Year 9

從三月一日起, 所有於天港停留多過二十八天之居民必須於護照上蓋上有效簽證. 簽證可於移民局領取.

From 1st March 2014, all residents (non-citizens) of Sky Haven who is going to stay for more than 28 days must have a valid visa permit stamp on their passport. The visa permit can be obtained from the Department of Immigration


For detail please see the article in the following newspaper:



永恆九年 1月11號下午3時30分  3:30pm 11th January Forever Year 9

天港翊國官方網頁會臨時改用 UTSH-govt.yolasite.com 直至另行通知

UTSH website domain will temporary change to UTSH-govt.yolasite.com until further notice


For detail please see the article in the following newspaper:



永恆年 6月10號下午1時32分  1:32pm 10th June Forever Year 8

A Diplomat Letter from the Prime Minister of the Free Republic of Schwanensee

"我是天鵝湖世界主義共和國首相。鄙人奉總統先生之命特來訪問貴國,並希望與貴國建立良好的外交關係。我們也希望能兑换或者,购买天港翊国的纸币, 謝謝"


Daniel H. Zhang, 

Prime Minister of the Free Republic of Schwanensee



永恆七年 12月15號下午1時00分  1:00pm 15th December Forever Year 7

翊皇宣佈硬幣將於12月21日推出, 以慶祝瑪雅曆新伯克盾 的來臨。

The Emperor of UTSH has announced the launch of coins on the 21st of December. It is said that the launch is to celebrate the new Bak'tun of the Maya Calendar. 


永恆六年 11月8號下午6時51分  6:51pm 8th November Forever Year 6

越皇宣佈擁有灶神星. 同日, 越皇准許任何地球航行船隻降落探訪及探索灶神星.

The Emperor of UTSH claimed all territories on Vesta. Vesta is now part of the Yue Empire. On the same day, the Emperor allows all vessels or crafts from Earth to land, visit and explore Vesta.


永恆年 6月14號上午0時15分  0:15am 14th June Forever Year 6

越皇重宣南中國海海域屬於中國. 越國於公元前220年就東南海問題經外交決議已經將東南海海域全權交由中國管理. 

The Emperor of UTSH has proclaimed that South China Sea belongs to China. The Empire of Yue has given China the full rights to control the South China Sea in 220BCE through diplomatic resolution.


永恆年 5月20號下午2時34分  2:34pm 20th May Forever Year 6

A Diplomat Letter from the Under-Secretary of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Atlantis

"I just received the message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we can accept your offer of diplomatic relations. Of course we can have a mutual recognition and a culture exchange..."


Erik Berg, 

Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Atlantis



永恆年 5月20號下午2時34分  2:34pm 20th May Forever Year 6

A Letter from the King of Vikesland.

Emperor Williem and King Derek,

Thank you for the well wishes! Sorry it has taken so long to answer back, but access to our e-mail accounts is currently limited until we can get back into the Embassy. The worst of the flood is done and we are waiting for the water to get to a safe level to return to it.

Thanks again!


King Christopher I


永恆六年 5月16號下午2時00分  2:00pm 16th May Forever Year 6

The Emperor wrote a letter of sympathy to King Christopher I of Vikesland.

Dear King Christopher I of Vikesland,

Our nation has heard news on VBC about the devastating flooding occurring in the Kingdom of Vikesland.  

With warm and understanding at this time of sorrow, deep sympathy goes to you and your nation.

Though words cannot express the thoughts the heart would like to say, still may you know that our nation care and sympathize all Vikeslandian.

Any Vikeslandian climate refugees are welcome to seek shelter in our New South Wales Embassy during the Kingdom of Vikesland's State of Emergency.

This is perhaps the only help our nation can provide at the moment.

God bless you all,




永恆六年 5月4號上午5時1分  5:01am 4th May Forever Year 6

收到一封來自鄷蘭斯大公國大公爵Neils I 的外交書信
Received a Diplomat Letter from The Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis

" I feel honoured that you contact Flandrensis for diplomatic relation, and I'm glad that I can inform you that we accept it and recognize your nation..." 


The Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis




永恆六年 2月20號下午2時35分  2:35pm 20th February Forever Year 6

Received a Diplomat Letter from the State Secretary of The State of Sabotage

" It's done. We have post your site in our website..." 

said The State Secretary of The State of Sabotage.



永恆六年 2月19號下午2時38分  2:38pm 19th February Forever Year 6

Received a Diplomat Letter from the Prime Minister of The Indontian Republic

Emperor of The United Territories of Sky Haven, we would be very interested in having a diplomatic relationship with your country. Once our relationship is confirmed, we will put a link on the sidebar of Indontia's Official website ( http://indontianrepublic.awardspace.us ). Thank you for contacting us." 

said The Prime Minister of The Indontian Republic.



永恆六年 1月25號下午6時00分  6:30pm 25th February Forever Year 6


A Flag-rising Ceremony and testing of the Short-ranged Surface-to-air Missile were held in the State of New South Wales, Australia.


永恆五年 11月2號早上1時32分  1:32am 2nd November Forever Year 5

收到一封來 YKON 發言人 

Tomas Ivan Träskman 的


Received a Letter from Tomas Ivan Träskman, YKON Spokesperson

"Dear Emperor and Ministry of Foreign Affair of UTSH, Congratulations on your new nation. Welcome among the delicate threads which unite this and future generations.
" said 

Tomas Ivan Träskman, YKON Spokesperson

永恆五年 10月26號上午10時47分  10:47am 26th October Forever Year 5

一封介紹外交書信已傳到 YKON (微型國峄會主辦機關) 

A Diplomat Letter was sent to YKON (Summit of Micronation Organizer) with an Introduction mean. 



永恆五年 10月26號下午6時51分  6:51pm 26th October Forever Year 5

越皇重宣, 支持釣魚台主權歸中國所有. 東海條約記載, 越國於公元前220年已經將釣魚台主權全權交由中國的秦始皇管理. 1972年的美國無權將釣魚台交由日本帝國管理.

The Emperor of UTSH has proclaimed that Diaoyu Islands is a part of China. The Empire of Yue has given Diaoyu Islands to China in 220BCE according to the Treaty of the East Sea. United State of America has no right letting The Empire of Japan to administrate the Diaoyu Islands region.


永恆五年 10月23號下午5時17分  5:17pm 23rd October Forever Year 5

吾越國家機密資料庫受駭客攻擊, 維基網站也有相對攻擊

Our Nation's National Confidential Database was attacked by hackers, we also received reports about attack in Wikipedia

The following is an Official Warning to all Wikipedians from the Ministry of Foreign Affair of UTSH

"On behalf of our nation and the Emperor of our nation, we cannot except the exposure of our nation's information to the public through Wikipedia. It is against our nation's law. Thank you for all Wikipedians who have attempted to delete this article. 

Our government and our Emperor have agreed the nomination of deleting this article is good for our nation."

Reference Link: Wikipedia Page


永恆五年 10月22號早上5時33分  5:33am 22nd October Forever Year 5

Phil Halfhill, Duke of Valkenburg , the Kingdom of Vikesland

收到一封來自維士蘭國Phil Halfhill和勤堡公爵的外交書信
Received a Diplomat Letter from Phil Halfhill, Duke of Valkenburg , the Kingdom of Vikesland.

"Our Nation's policy is that we automatically recognize all Nations that adhere to the Montevideo Convention. We look forward to further diplomacy between our Nations, and kindly wish to continue this friendly dialogue" said 

永恆五年 10月21號下午5時43分  5:43pm 21st October Forever Year 5


A Diplomat Letter was sent to the Kingdom of Vikesland with an Introduction mean. 



永恆五年 10月22號早上3時27分  3:27am 22nd October Forever Year 5

收到一封來自摩洛西亞共和國總統Kevin Baugh的外交書信
Received a Diplomat Letter from President Kevin Baugh, the Republic of Molossia.

"In reply to your message, thank you for your interest in establishing
diplomatic relations with our nation.  We are quite honored... we prefer informal, friendly relations, without alliances, treaties or embassies..."

the President Kevin Baugh of Republic of Molossia

永恆五年 10月21號下午5時52分  5:52pm 21st October Forever Year 5


A Diplomat Letter was sent to the Republic of Molossia with an Introduction mean.


永恆五年 10月21號早上4時54分  4:54am 21st October Forever Year 5


Received a Diplomat Letter from Baron Tepistà, the Kingdom of Talossa.

"The laws of our Kingdom limit His Majesty's government to entering into treaties and conducting foreign relations...thank you for the friendship of the members of your organisation, the Empire of UTSH, and assure you that it is returned in kind by the good citizens of the Kingdom of Talossa" said 

Baron Tepistà, 

Kingdom of Talossa.

永恆五年 10月21號早上3時50分  3:50am 21st October Forever Year 5

A Diplomat Letter was sent to the Kingdom of Talossa with an Introduction mean. 



永恆五年 8月25號晚上11時28分  11:28pm 25th August Forever Year 5

吾越皇軍已經通知越南外交部有關氣候武器"蒲公英"測試的詳情, 但未有得到回應.對於因越南軍方未有撤出區域附近居民而引致人命傷亡, 越皇對罹難人士表示沈痛哀悼. 今日越皇下令全國上下下半旗為死難者致哀.


測試地點為越南區域. 日期為8月25日.

相關新聞: http://hk.news.yahoo.com/article/100825/18/jvii.html


永恆四年 Forever Year 4

歐盟外交事務專員 彭定康.巴恩斯男爵 與 越皇天佑恆.威廉一世 會晤
A Parley between European Commissioner for External Relations, Baron Christopher Patten of Barnes and The Emperor of UTSH, Williem YauHang Ten

會晤後, 歐盟與天港越國的關係取得重大進展. 現在, 天港越國正式承認歐盟. 由於會中有提及絕密資料, 因此歐盟沒有公開此次會晤資料.

The Parley was successful. EU is now recognize by UTSH. Since there was private information exchanged in this Parley, therefore EU decided not to make known to the public.

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